Why I Didn't Do My HomeworK

by Alex Page
cute cheater
First of all, why do we go to school in the first place? After the first few grades, we learn less and less significant information. For example; memorizing dates of events that a)occurred way before anyone alive was born. b) cannot be proven as actually having occured to convince any jury.

Second. As we grow older, our bodies are more and more preoccupied in growing than learning why the altitude of a trapezoid is anything special.

Third. We need more sleep. Not only are school hours ridiculous, (6:00-6:00, 5:30-8/9:00) but then there's more work, not to mention studying when we get home. There is this insane idea that all of this work and pressure is excellent preparation for college. Please don't make me write an essay about that.

Fourth. Pressure coming in from every point, (parents, teachers, peers, not to mention society itself), lends itself to poor sleeping habits to say the least. Drug addictions, drop outs, suicides, not to mention more recent events.

Fifth. As people, don't we demand equality and rights as well? Just because society allows for it does not merit that it is ethically, logically, nor legitimately correct.

Sixth. How then, can we be expected to come and work, with smiles on our faces, learning trivia from people who are being supported by the myth of America and it's booming economy, spouting speeches of propaganda and bull shit at our masses, without pay, leading 12+ hour work days some five or six days a week to come home to more work when we arrive to what should be a harbor to this abuse.

Seventh. Am I the only one who finds the very idea of homework, of the American Educational System itself to be criminal? No. I am not. Surprise surprise. What of high school drop outs? What are they? Rebels without a cause, delinquints, sex crazed teenagers. What of these labels? How is being a rebel a bad thing? As I recall, from my education thus far, this country would not exist without rebellion. It's not rebellion itself that the system shuns, it's rebellion against the system. The argument is that the Brits were wrong, plain and simple. The rebels were right, it was a noble cause, etc. The system has no problems telling you that it is right, and you are wrong. How can the system be faulty? If it were so faulty, how can it be? Don't try and answer, even if you can, because the system won't listen.

Eighth. The combined lunacy, hypocrisy, deception, and everything else that goes along with high school, there are the hours, the people, the standards, the food, the HOMEWORK. The final indignation. It is humiliating that my peers walk along crowded hallways like cattle, following the ass in front of them only to find it leads home to more work presented by the hypocrite leaders of this Americanized criminal system. This slavery presented to the American children to pound them into timid, unquestioning, tired, jaded, nihilistic adults to be pawns in the ludicrous kleptocracy "democracy" presented to them.
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