The Last Days of Socrates

by Sloth
Greek Love
Socrates was killed by the elders of Athens for "corrupting the youth". This book chronicles his last few days on Earth.

Do you know what reality is? Reality is when you speak your mind and people shit on you. Socrates knew reality and he paid the ultimate price for his devotion to virtue. He was forced to drink hemlock and killed himself in jail in his late 80's.

Basically, if you have never read this book, you can't even begin to understand Western Civilization.

People who think freely have always been under penalty of Law. It is almost a requirement for any man of virtue to lose his social legitimacy. Squares need not apply to Heaven. They can just go straight to Hell. Yuppies are castrated by their bankers. Their insipid blood flows freely into the streets from their ripped open Balzacs. Yes, it's all in this book. Read it today. The court room scene totally kicks Matlock's old tired honky ass... I swear it.
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