Selling Ecstasy

by Sloth
Selling ecstasy in Madison
In 1990
America's greatest playboy
Got me into the scene

First time rolling on the carpet
To the drugged outbursts of Shaun Ryder
You made me find myself
Among the lost souls of America

I first realized I could love a man
Even though I can't
Not with sex or philosophy
But with a little pill and an early morning kiss

My friends were temporary diversions from pain
The horror of human fate was felt too deep
Evolution's greatest blunder watching television
Pallid preachers with bibles and bombs

I was blind to the beauty of a smile
Henry Miller was God on Earth but
Ecstasy is better than reading and
Dancing is better than sleeping

If life is just a good night "down the pub"
then you are like the pill I took beforehand
You keep me alive and poison my liver
The only two things that matter

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