Scissor Sisters

by Sloth
Scissor Sisters
Do we really need a band that sounds like Pink Floyd meets the Bee-Gees?

Apparently we do.

I recently saw them play at Neumos in Seattle. The venue is as interesting as the band. Neumos started out as the famous Seattle venue, Moe. Grafitti by Kurt Cobain is still in the lofted pre-show band hangout area. When people talk about epic early Nirvana shows, this is what they are talking about.

After Moe went out of business in 1995... it was bought out by some dot com millionaires and renamed Aro-Space. They hosted some great shows by Blur and many other Britpop and deejay acts who weren't popular enough yet to play in the larger spaces like Showbox. Some of my best nights out ever were in this place. I have many great anecdotes from this place that I can't fully remember.

Anyway, in a small area like Neumos with so much character, the personality of a band really comes out... and make no mistake Scissor Sisters have a fantastic personality. Hearing them play at Neumos was like having them play in my living room.

My favorite song by them is Return to Oz. Best meth song ever:

Once there was a man,
Who had a little too much,
Time on his hands,
He never stopped to think,
That he was getting older.
When his night came to an end,
He tried to grasp for his last friend,
And pretend,
That he could wish himself health,
On a four-leaf clover.

He said is this the Return to Oz?
The grass is dead
The gold is brown
And the sky has claws.
there's a wind-up man
Walking round and round.
What once was Emerald City's
Now a Crystal Town
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