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Soo La Sen
Book 1 of The Living Dead Don't Get a Holiday
by Ooh the Sloth

Living Dead Reviews !

Book 1 of The Living Dead Trilogy

the book is very very very very good, incredible, i may never return to my normal patterns of thinking again.
- Amelia B

I just finished reading Book One of The Living Dead Don't Get a Holiday. When I finished, I just kind of sat there for a minute, speechless. Sloth, you are an amazing writer. Your imagination and creativity are incredible, and the way you use words and phrases flips my fucking lid. My attention was held throughout the entire story, and trust me, that's an accomplishment! Mad respect to you for your work.
- N. Christenson

Please please please finish Soo La Sen , The Living Dead Don't Get a Holiday. This book is unbelievable , i NEED to know more, i NEED to know what happens . Please write the next book . Could you at least please email me and give me an idea of what is going to happen. Please keep writing!
- Eliza from Australia