Love Letters & Hate Mail

Thanks for writing us over the years... it means a lot.

Username: Indalecio Jaeschke

Comments: I'm from Argentina (South America). I want to know more about you. Are you going to come to my country? Here we loves you! I want to know if it is any Pax Acidus CD.

Username: Christa

Comments: McCutcheon - do you know that you are beautiful? What I wouldn't give... Submit2: Submit

Username: April

Comments: Hey, I read your essay about anarchy. It was great, I'm a 15 year old from Australia. And it really got me thinking. You wrote it so well. It woz cool. I totally agree that the government wastes our money. Do you have any other stuff you have wrote about? If so, email me. Submit2: Email the Sloth!

Username: marie User

Comments: hey! you rule Sloth! I`m an norwegian anarchist that just read your page! its makes sence, and marx was a good man! rotten would never had been a president, for people are obbcest with power, and if you become the president of the us you don`t just throw it away! I mayby would, cuz I don`t give a fuck! yeah, it would be great to have lots of mony and control over the world, but thats not the way is should be! Sorry my english isnt so good, but you sure understand! But I don`t think that the internet is anarchy, cuz some of the sites I`ve been to, some pop up`s and shit, that totaly fucks up my computer... I could have many years in jail for that! But, I think some rules are good, like its not leagal to rape, to do child pornd and shit like that! but, the punishment is wrong! do to other wath they`v done you! I think thats the only tule we need besides the natural human rules! yeah! good day!

Username: william User

Comments: i am very interested in  turning  a girl  over my  knee  and  spanking her  is  there  any  girls  on your  website  that  want  a spanking    email me    william   thanks

Username: rowan User

Comments: Sloth, i would like to chat to you about this on msn! politics and lack of them, and also mushroomssss, its very interesting! you write beautifully. Submit2: Email the Sloth!

Username: Rachel User

Comments: read your article on Abbie Hoffman, much admiration to you! Submit2: Email the Sloth!

Username: Lorena User

Comments: Its amazing how wathching your pictures i can elate so much with all that, i've being living the same thing.. but with the difference that is a hole bunhc of peruvian crazy heads... its funny how budahh sended me a postcard and a espstatic cd, as well as the tao te ching in november 1999.  i rememeber... i had problems with UPS... Peru !PEru! anyway now i live in maryland, and i will love to get in contact with you guys... i remember you telling me you were going to costa rica... lets see if we can get together.... woderfull thing i can feel!! Lorena


wanted to compliment you on your abilities. your writing employs such an efficacious voice within this sort of charasmatic/latent surroundings. im a writer, i know content is dictated by circumstance, experience, blah blah blah.... but were living in a generation of shapeless eyes, we're in such a state of conscious inertia its just refreshing to know all the smart ones haven't all died.


Username: travis

Comments: I just finished reading your short story about the kid and Ravulon. It was really entertaining. I missed my first class and delayed finishing an essay due in 2 hours to read it. Keep it up.

Username: Sean

Comments: i love your site, i accually think it was this site that really inspired to be a more well read person instead of just drinking beer and being a fool ALL the time. Anyways, the reason i am really writing is because i want to know how you manage living in Europe as an American. I mean, did you get citizenship some how? Also, how do you manage to make money there? The reason I ask is because i live in America and hope to leave as soon as possible....after college most likely.

Username: Karen

Comments: OMG! You HAVE to finish writing this story. It is too good to stop. It would be so great if you made a series. Maybe like, the next 10 chapters or something could be about one of his friends back on Planet Ravulon. A sort of Back and Forth series. I REALLY hope you take my advice. THANX!!!

Username: Darrell

Comments: What a joke. Elders was forced out because she wanted to have kids, kindergarten kids, sit in a circle and masturbate each other. Like a true liberal you lie about the facts. And why on earth do we need to teach kids how to masturbate just so they can put on a condom the correct way? Why not teach them "Hey, don't have sex until you're married, and if you can't do that, then at least wait until you're a legal adult". Because abortionists are making a killing (literally) , making money hand over fist. "Education" has been going on for centuries. It's only when the liberals took a firm hold on our schools did things go wrong. You need to get your facts straight...oh wait. You'd rather lie than tell the truth. Never mind.

Username: Derek Weimer

Comments: I'm interested in hearing about the social/economic background of you you two guys. I apologize if I missed it somewhere on your site. If so point me the way.


Username: Jason Warble

Comments: Hi, I'm 18 and from Chicago and i think your shit is so fuckin cool, my friends and i are so envious of your life and would kill to be like you guys. the pictures movies and stories are incredible we are so enamored by your lifestyle and would do anything to attain it my friends and i are all going to college next year and either drop out or just go along but whatever we do were gonna start living a life similar to yours thanks for the inspiration and great art

jason/ chicago illinois

Username: Tim. Tim is my name

Comments: You guys are what keeps school un-boring and life not un-bearable. (double negatives rule) so like, keep writing stories and stuff.

Username: Earl Klein

Comments: I would be honored if you would check out my site, I torture to insanity people who call up during dinner hour to sell you overpriced cellphones and credit cards. I guarantee at least 2 belly laughs per


Username: Thomas P. Lowry, MD
Comments: God Bless You!

Dr. Elders was too good for this country.

We are cursed with hypocritical right-wingers that fornicate with their secretaries, steal the company assets and preach morality.

I think the underlying problem is that ejaculations inside a woman "prove" manhood, while the same by self-stimulation is shameful, because it means you couldn't persuade (or force) a woman to submit.

I'm retired now and have given up trying to change the world, but I'm not too old to salute Dr. Elders -- a modern saint.

Username: SDE

Comments: This is a really cool website! I came across it only because I am doing research on a French movie, "La Haine." I haven't lived in Paris, but I've visited and I absolutely loved it! I was abroad for a year in Bordeaux and
it was the best year of my life. Now I'm back to the conservative ass US! :(

Username: Marcus

Comments: I would love to have a recorded copy or Tara Sloan's "ecstasy". We have played this song live as a heavier version and were also wondering about copyright laws. It is a beautiful song.

Username: nessa: rollergirl

Comments: i so hope to hear from you!!!!! i just moved to north dakota and i think im gonna die. i cant be me!!!!!!
i hope you can help. i hope you can understand!

sincerely, me

Username: Jesse

Comments: I dont even know any of you guys, but I was doing some research on Marilyn Monroe and I came upon your site.

Knowing I had little time left to finish what I was doing, I became stuck in your site (being stoned as hell didn't help, but hey your sight is awsome) Great pictures, all of which are very interesting. I love the sloth already, haha...I thought he was pretty amusing. I began to read some of what you wrote and I hope your very successful in what your trying to achieve, because it seems like all of you put much effort
into this sight and everything else. Keep up the good work, I'll be checkin back soon...and if you have time write me back, would love to hear from you guys.

Username: Lou

Comments: I don’t even know how I found this site but hey good luck can come from a stumble. I love some of the writing on here its incredible, I had to read it all. Plus erm. Hello McCutcheon why are you not modelling you're a bit special aren't you?

I've got a crappy lil poetry site if you want to check it out.

Fairy dust & Jam Tarts,


Username: Paula

Comments: I love your website! It's great!!!

Username: Laurence

Comments: demande beaucoup de courage de faire un site comme celui-ci

Username: Emma Coyle

Comments: I've been checking out your website off and on for a couple of years now. First, I must give you props for putting all this out there. Gotta say though, it seems that you are bound by your appetitive desires. Can you not see past your cravings for sex and drugs? Why don't you take a moment to feel real pain and write about it, rather than numbing anything you don't like the feeling of, and then giving a profanity laden account of your trip into a moral vaccum.

It comes accross quite clearly that you have issues with just about everything - most predominantly american culture. Ahhh yes, the european life is so desirable. Why don't you take a moment to educate yourself and evaluate their culture - one in which anti semetism is growing again in just over 55 years after the holocaust ended. Is this something you think american's should strive too emulate? Americans "elected" George W, but look at Europe Union, who in this past year has had a number of member countries !

show growing support for extreme right wing political leaders. For someone with a liberal arts background this should be of keen interest to you. History is complex and let's not kid ourselves, no one is innocent. You also seem to have a preoccupation with people that are obese...were you a fat child? Where does the hate come from? How is their over-indulgence differ from your use of copious amounts of drugs and alcohol? Don't bother spouting any bs about drugs enhancing your mental state - judging by what I've read this is far from the case.

You obviously have talent - let's see you use it.


Comments: school sux

Username: Ryan

Comments: Hey, I came upon your site one night while having a few beer. I've printed off and read all 5 chapters so far. I'm really anxious to read more. I hope you come out with more chapters soon. I think the book "Planet of the ravers" is really interesting and exciting. I can relate to it in different
ways. Where are you from anyway? I'm from N.s. Canada. How did you get into writing this kinds of storys? To be honest with you I havnt read a book since skool made me. That was 2 years ago. Once I read the first chapter I wanted more. Plz come out with more soon. Or e-mail me more info. Thanks.

Username: annie
Comments: hi the sloth...

i am an art student at the cleveland institute of arts and was looking for pictures of swedish fish on the internet to send to my boyfriend for sweetist day...get it?... (sweetist/swedish)... anyway my serch took me to your website where i got hooked on your story about you and ingrid and pills and what not...i
loved it...i love you guys...and i can only hope to have a life so cool one day...good luck...end...annie.

Username: Gleb Garshin
Comments: I love your writing. Can you give me your opinion on what you think about my poem. No bullshit, strait truth please.

"Melting Soul"

Puzzling character,
Subdued by unobvious existence.
Straying away from plastic subsistence.

Every emotion is obtained,
Accept love is desired ,
But one wanted can’t be acquired.

Heart broken day to day,
Loving feelings stuck in the brain.
Drilled the soul,
Exceeding all collected gold.

Must teach to forget,
It’s becoming a living threat.

Can’t learn to love another,
What a phuking bother.

Username: Brandon Doucette
Comments: Are Jason Lee and Stan Lee, related?

Username: Angela
Comments: To Whom It May Concern;
Your poems are da bomb ;-) Would I ever like to meet you! ;-)
Peace Out,
Submit2: Submit

Username: Angela

Comments: I also am from Washington. Below is a link to my face....


Username: Tm

Comments: Regarding your review of Dostoyevsky's The Idiot. Christianity is beautiful asshole ! And your obese , narcotic /
porno sham of a democrarcy could do with it so you fucking americans would not be so despised by th rest of us , ie anyone with at least average intelligence.

Username: philip
Subject: Email the Sloth!

Comments: your stories kick ass! theyre like a cross between a porno mag short, the voice inside my head,and reality. this is the most interesting thing i've found to read since tom robbins. i would very much like to read more Planet of the Ravers, but i'll start on The Living Dead don't get a Holiday in the

mucho luvoso

Username: Samantha
Subject: Email the Sloth!

Comments: I enjoyed your site. You can tell you have alot of passion,and your not bad looking ;) Have a good day.

Username: stevetheblind

Comments: i have to say i strangely like these stories...most of them at least. Some are just cheapshod porn imitations, but most of them are an alternative sort of good. The type of stories your not taught your supposed to like but you do anyways. i especially like waiting for her funeral. different form all the others and brilliant.

Username: Arizona Sweetdust

Fellas! My gawd! I have spent hours rummaging through your site... and I must say I am thoroughly impressed! You look like you know how to have a good time... I would love to join the fun sometime.

But the real reason I am writing, is in reference to your music mixes. I would love to know the playlists of a couple, particularly 'allaboard'. Wow! What a mix!

Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep the faith!

Much love,
Arizona Sweetdut

Username: Wilxter909

Comments: Amazing how fate works. I have just finished watching the great Manchester saga "24 hour party people" and banged in a search for Ian Curtis on Yahoo.

Low and behold I parachute into your world! I have now spent three hours reading through your exploits and am now sitting here feeling very grey and very old!!

At least I got to see Joy Division any way;)

Username: emma

Comments: i jsut read your essay. And i agree with mostly all of it. I just realized taht im an anarchesit, ive always been one i just never realized it you know? I want to learn more about anarchy because im being punk and i know i need
to learn more about it and i want to too. What you said in your essay was great.

I agree with you on most of it. Just wanted to tell u that. And fuck goverment.

Username: Rhiannon McClure

Comments: I just found your site last night. I really enjoyed it. I read for about four hours. I am a "raver" and I write both the fictiotious and the non about the party life. I think that you (plural) have great talent, nut it isn't really something mainstream audiences are ready for. Anyways, I am e-mailing you
to just say I think it is a great take on life and the lifestyle of party kids.

From: Troy (

What's up fellas. i've been keeping up with your web page for a while. it's pretty chill. keep up the good work. if either of you two are interested I just finished this book called "The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra which was pretty decent if your into that sort of thing. I'd check it out if you haven't
read it already.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" - Albert Einstien

Take care and keep writing,


From: Jay (

Comments: When is chapter four of Planet of the Ravers going to be finished? I can't wait to read it.

From: Laura-Marie
Comments: Hi,

Just like to say ive added McCutcheon to my webspace at as he is the finest man i have ever laid eyes on. You are the official new pin-up.


Comments: hi matt!

I check every once in a while, on your site, to see
what you have been up to, your newest adventures, ect.
You are getting cuter as time goes on!

My new residence is Miami, FL. Quite glamorous, huh?
So, if you are ever in the area...


i am trying to work on my spanish, since no one speaks
fricken english down here.

Username: Miroslav Slavistan

Comments: Loved your essay on Abbie Hoffman. Wish I were a publisher, Sloth. I'd give your short stories a forum. Obviously you are a humanoid not one of the "sheeple" who "graze" at the Great McTrough.

Username: Brian

Comments: Hey everyone at Paxacidus. I have been nothing short of impressed with your website. I love how you don't censor anything in your writing and how you express the way you truly feel. I must say I agree with almost all views expressed here. Unfortunaly I live in the land of the FREE-....which is total
bullshit. Your writing helps me get through some of the senseless bullshit that the world throws at me.

Thank you for that. Keep up the good work, and the good drugs.

Username: Matthew Geddes
UserEmail: m_geddes@hotmail,.com
Comments: I'm on the bus man ! 90% coz I didnae know Seattle. This is the site I've been looking for. Ginsberg & The Scream together at last ! Man what would
that have sounded like ? Fucking top ! Gonna be here every day and check out more stuff. Cheers. Matt

Username: Dave

Comments: As a forty-something, former acid / peyote / mushroom / mescaline gobbling alcoholic it was my first reaction to your site to shake my head and say "these guys are going to wake up one day and go: 'aww fuck I don't remember how I got nowhere so fast'" ... but then I had the clarity of mind to realize that if, in 1976 we'd had the web as a 'speakers corner', I'd have done the same thing. You are re-living my youth, but with lower quality acid, and higher quality women from what I've seen here. Keep it up .. but try to quit drinking once a year.

Username: Mayra
Comments: Hey people from Pax Acidus,

Just wanna tell you guys how fuckin awesome this website is. The messages are so there. Totally agree with what you all said bout E, fuck yeah, been there. Cant think on anything but rolling, yeah... Loved the feeling, but I just hadda step
into reality and realise that that lil pill that made me the happiest person in the world for a few hours, is indeed just a pill. Right now Im high. Im high on life and nothing else. Thats all I have to say.... OH and that poem "Druggy Slutty Girls" ? GOD, did u like write it for me or something McCutcheon?!
Damn... Love all the novels,they kick, really....
Id be really happy to like hear from you guys or somthing.... Waiting..... PLUR.....

~*ravinbutterfly*~ the way have yall been to rio?!

Username: Sykonee

Comments: I love your stories! They always seem to inspire me to put down what I'm doing and enjoy the life I was given.

To: Sloth@paxacidus.com0

Comments: i thought your story was very good you just need to finish it so get back on your computer pleeeeeeeeese so im not left hangin...

good luck at all you do you are very talented

Username: lauren

Comments: matt, you're intense. I have been reading a bunch of your stuff here in LA whenener I do email. keep writing and thinking and being yourself. it was really good to see you in Seattle. love, lauren. p.s., I have been working on some new paintings. when I have a bunch more i will send some photos, maybe when i get a show up at the cafe i work out down the street. we live in downtown on the border of little tokyo and the artist's district.

From : Henry White <whiteh@CLEMSON.EDU>
To :
Subject : nice story

your amsterdam smuggling story was well written, but obviously complete bullshit. keep up the fiction writing and one day you may make some money doing it.

hank ps-take a look at yourself and realize your in europe for the same reason as every other damn tourist

Dear whoever,

I was brousing on the net... in search of Arab princesses... when I came across this story. 'Waiting For Her Funeral'... next thing I know I was trapped between the lines, one after the other. I really appreciate this style of writing, and beyond all, the sensitivity and meaning. I wish to know one thing- "Is this a real story?"

What is really about- loss, life, death, solitude, ...?


From :
To :
Subject : (no subject)

i think some of your stories are kinda sick, but i like em anyway. i just wanted to let you know that i am eagerly awaiting the 4th chapter of planet of the ravers. so keep up the good work. love philin groovy

From: Dave


you support this form of terrorism. Such as Noel Godin. You suck!

From : "wf chong" <>

great stories. i stumbled upon the site by accident,and at first i thought, grrreat, porn. last thing i need on a bad day. but, no, i won't call it porn, there's this artistry to it, a dark mood that makes you ponder. i've always loved that in stories. i'm an aspiring writer too, although i've written shit-all since i entered uni (some places suck it out of you). used to garner praise from my english teachers vack in school though, as if that means anything. good job,cheers.

ps: you're cute too. seriously.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
() on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 11:46:57

Comments: Okay so I click on the Read Us link and at the top of the poem list is "Druggy Slutty Girls". You think you're an artist but your source of inspiration is lacking. Your attitudes towards drugs and sex are just fragments of another time before ex-girlfriends could call on the phone crying AIDS. You preach ecstasy like it's some kind of panacea. Your lives sound interesting and stimulating, get over the drug addiction and find some real beauty in the world. Look within and get off your rich boy asses and do something real for once. The potential is there; don't let vices cloud the dream.

From : "Rosie" <>
To : <>
Date : Sun, 24 Feb 2002 15:13:36 +1100

i know you've probably heard it plenty of times but you're writing is really fucking good. i was really excited when i first heard of the towers destruction. i thought 'yes, finally someones fuckin done it' .i thought it was some extremists finally bringing about change in america.

war, the very concept made me call up ex girlfriends for a fuck cause i began thinking we might be dead the next day. in a couple of weeks i completely forgot to make the most of my life and started abusing people that care about me and sitting doing nothing. i'm still very doubtful about change. you can't change the world only yourself. i always fall back into my patterned disenchanted mundane existence.

a revolution is not political it is sexual. sexuality is so often repressed so that we can never come to terms with ourselves pschologically. once we come to terms with our sexuality we discover shit about ourselves. hopefully enough to discover and come to terms with ourselves. then we can change those around us by helping them come to terms with themselves. hopefully that will pry open their eyes enough for them to see what we could be doing.

Username: vanessa

Comments: HI!

You guys went to New Orleans! WOOHOO! I love that place. I was raised there. Had to leave before I became a lush! I now live in San Francisco. I really enjoyed your site. I will be in Ibiza this summer. Wanna meet up? My site is

Keep rolling!


From: padma priya


Comments: I came across your site while trying to find out what the hell a manwich was.I live on the opposite side of the world and don't eat beef so it's no surprise that i'm clueless about sloppy joe's and the such.

Anyway i think this is the one of the best accidental finds i've ever had on the net. Your writing style is something that i haven't experienced in a long time. It felt good to read something that wasn't trying desperately to be smart or sophisticated but falling dreadfully short.Can't say that i'll ever smoke the
blessed weed (rehab in my country isn't for the faint hearted + there's a death penalty in there somewhere) but i'll certainly keep on reading.

yo McCutcheon

good morning from South Africa i like your stories so i thought i would drop you a line my e-mail is

maybe you have a mailing list.

Brendan O'Connell

From: Lizzyitis


Comments: Well I must say this site is entertaining me the past two days. Didn't know what the fuck I stumbled across for a while. I love the explaination of the word fuck. It makes sence to use it in everyday language & now I can explain to people that it in fact a proper word that is needed in a conversation. Ian Browns Website has us 'banded' from using swear words - what are they like eh?

Anyway - good site - loads of filth, erotic stories that get ya going & then depress ya out to bits. Loads of stories of being mad out of the head & even more mad pictures of people 'being' out of the game!!!

I am a little confused though - u are american right - whats with the Man U jersey!

Lizzy "entertained by your lovely site" itis!!

ps - I was looking for info on my beloved 'Genius' Shaun Ryder - and I got a lot more than I bargained for & thank you

From: Raymond Salvador


Comments: you asshole

From : Jose
To: Pax Acidus

Comments: You guys rock! I wish I could hang out with you in any of these incredible parties/adventures/travels that you experience. My time is somewhat running out, so I guess I will enjoy your site from time to time to live vicariously. Maybe we might cross if you guys ever wander in New Orleans, San Francisco and Boston. My lady and I don't live there but we travel there sometimes. We live in Memphis (uuuuhhhhhhh), and usually try to "enjoy" the city. Well, thanks for the great site and take care...

To: sloth@paxacidus
From Guillaume at

I love this page :)

Hi (two-toed or three?) Sloth,

Living in different places and experiencing different cultures and
subcultures forces you to be more open-minded. It's what everybody needs. And it's fun. I'm a military brat and I've seen some of the world: the U.S., parts of Europe, and the Virgin Islands. Living in Germany was interesting... such as being forced to stay indoors during the wet months for fear of acid rain (the Chernobyl explosion)...might also explain some peculiarities...

Not all folks become more conservative as they get older. Some do but it's just easy to say. People seem to get disenchanted as they age. I think radical change is still possible.

To read list:

Joyce Cary.....The Horse's Mouth
Tibor Fischer...The Thought Gang
Henry Miller....Tropic of Capricorn

Thanks. Sacramento's a nice place to say you've been, but it's serving it's purpose. People tend to be overly-apologetic here, yet quick to sue. Have you been having fun with cockney rhyming slang? Apples and pears=stairs, flute=suit, jam-jar=car... Enjoy your travels! There's no telling what you'll get into

As a fellow philospher-- thought you might appreciate what was found on a t-shirt

Philosphy Major: Will think for food

To *raises glass* anticipation with certainty (happiness)


Username: John Delahunt, from Downey, California
Date : Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 01:24:22

Comments: baaaaaaaaaahhh, you're all lambs. Pathetic fist fucking lambs. And homer-sexuals to boot.

Username: vida

UserEmail: ***

Comments: hi mcutcheon
i'v been dropping in on this site for a bit. i think its refreshing and
inspiring, i agree with alot your ideas about hedonism. i too live on the hill, i'm a student here. i thought that "sex starts in the mind" was a really beautiful way of articulating your mood since sept 11. i've felt sort of meloncholy and just an eery awareness of death, even when i'm content and laughing or having sweet cuddly sex in a warm house on a cold day. i cant stop thinking about the reasons america generates so much hatred, and how none of us are really americans. i started to write something political and anti-patriot then i got paranoid about being put on some cia list. anyhow, i just wanted to say good show- your writing is improving and you so deserve to be published.


A : "Mc Cutcheon" <>
De : Kid Loco <******>
Date : Thu, 18 Oct 2001 12:35:56 -0700
Objet : re: Kid Loco is On The Bus!

I love you too

- Kid Loco


Kid Loco- we at Pax Acidus love your French ass.

Thank you for the musique!

Username: Douglas Rushkoff
UserEmail: secret

Comments: Cool site. Keep it alive at all costs.


From: Sarah
To :
Subject : you're art
Date : Mon, 1 Oct 2001 09:29:25 -0700 (PDT)

I read your latest posts and then I read your fan mail and realized that you are doing something quite new and original. It is an artistic endeavor that may or may not ever be critically or finacially appreciated. That would be a loss, but . . .

You guys are doing something unique through the net. You are the characters people always wanted to meet. Now they can. I know you want to get published. I know not making money from what you love to do is not idealistic. But you are doing something vastly important because of its originality. The phrase there's nothing new under the sun does not apply. You and Sloth and your friends are more real than characters in a Hemingway novel or Henry Miller's mind, and you are characters to your readers. Prior to the net, no one could access an author, so his work was important. That's all there was; he himself was irrelevant outside of his creation, but you are probably more important to your readers than your characters ever will be. Does that make sense and not insult? If you can find a way to market your internet experience or to put it into paper form; it will
sell -- but it would not be new and original -- because it would be static. Your art is your life and your presentation of it, and it is very very dynamic. It does not sell, but it is so much more than selling.

I really hope that you guys continue to explore your medium. I think your exploration is brilliant without meaning to be, which makes it even more so.

And here's a little poem just for you on the subject of ladies' men.

Electro Ladies’ Man

He’s plugged in and turned on
This mighty morphing power ranger
A real techno raver.

Pixy sticks, and pixels
A synthesized, ecsta sized surfer.

Searching for skin
Under his fingertips.

His typing is madness,
a start, a bump, a change of direction.
Neurosis in the pharmacy
Of words, swallowing the medicine
And spitting it back out.

A cad, plastic clad,
Writing to be more than being,

He is the electro ladies’ man;
A writer, an actor, a critic, a drunk
A revolving, evolving,
Activist of funk.


From: "miss amelia." <*****>
To: ooh the sloth <>
Subject: Open up and say Ooh
Date : Mon, 24 Sep 2001 20:05:31 -0700

Please forgive my constant correspondence, but as a devoted reader I felt the desire to feed your ego.

I like your prose because you manage to be manic and mad like some of the great authors of our time, yet you have a romantic and open side to your writing so unlike the other male writers of today. You even write from the veiwpoint of a woman convincingly. What an achievement! You have a charming and unique understanding of young womanhood.

I also admire how you will not change your nom de plume. I think it is a beautiful name. Yet still I read your stories and wonder, does not a wider audience deserve to read your works?

- Amelia

From: Brooke
To: Pax Acidus
Subject: Pax Acidus Feedback
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:09:14 -0500 (EST)

Comments: This is crazy...I never thought anyone could understand my life. I somehow ended up on this website and began reading all these crazy stories.

At first I thought "whan an asshole" but then I realized that I was reading stories about myself only as a guy. You Mr. McCutcheon are one hell of a writer


Username: Shane
Comments: Greetings.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I enjoyed your site. Based on your content/links, I think you might like my site as well. with original art, poetry/lyrics, music, photography, humor, opinion, creativity, and a healthy dose of insanity.

I certainly welcome any feedback you have on my site. If you like it, feel free to link to it... I can even provide a standard-sized banner if you need one for the link.

Anyway, good work on the site. I appreciate it.

Subject : Pax Acidus Feedback
Date : Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:53:05 -0500 (EST)


Good site, I check it frequently and like lots of what I read there. There's no way to communicate the amount of respect due for putting Shaun William Ryder on the bus, but what about Bez? Anyway, I was looking at your links page, and is good, but for US folks, what about (I do not work for dancesafe)? They have test results etc. that are more relevant for the US than Nicholas Saunders' site has (although I owe N. Saunders for recurring dreams about having an indoor duck pond). Anyway, good job, right, and if you make enough money to live in comfort from this, let me know, and I'll get right on coming up with my own fun, fulfilling way to pay the bills.

Thanks again for being,

From: Wendy <>
Subject: Yo!
Date : Mon, 24 Sep 2001 23:06:58 -0500

Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your writing, especially your piece on anarchy. I totally agree. I sacrifice 8 fucking hours a day to school because I basically have no other choice, and I see your articles as a ray of hope.


From: Johnson
To: McCutcheon
Subject: The Pizza Guy

I dont know you or anything that your site has to do with. All i know is that I stumbled upon your story about Trevor and the pizza business and i fucking loved it!

I saw that is was to be continued and I was hoping that is the case. I sat at work and read the whole thing getting very little done. All I would like to know, is if it is indeed continued (not knowing how long its been there) and when might i expect some more chapters in this saga?

Keep it up man,

Shits great


Hello Matt,

I went and read on your site for an hour. Printed off some stuff. I wouldn't have stayed there an hour if you weren't about a million times better now than you were when I started reading your stuff. How long ago was that? A year? Must be two, because I hadn't started working in
Seattle back then.

I read through Girls' Night Out, Bourbon Street, lots of your poems. Read the Easiest Lay, which was cute, funny. You have a lot going on in Bourbon Street, fantastic descriptions, poignant observations.

Do you travel or do you make all this shit up? Almost every story is about a different part of the world. I have travelled no where to speak of, so I just stick to what I know. Can't conceive of Paris, even after studying French for a full four years.

Liked Slutty Drug Girls and the one about the Bartending Babe.

So what is your novel about? Did you work on is this weekend? Where are you working now?

Good job.


Username: Innes Reekie

Comments: Fuck me, from a Belle & Sebastian links page I stumbled in here about 3am, an it's now 7.30am. Gonna miss my deadline for a Gram P archive piece, but this is good stuff, quite internationalist even, not like the usual patriotic, flag-wavin', peasant bombin' US of A at all. I scored a 90% in your test, but I'm damned sure some silly fucker's died while arsin' about on the heinous, hippy weed, but I'm not about to take issue about something as trivial. As far as bein' 'on the bus', you gotta get Nick Cave on, you gotta get Gram Parsons fuck me, you can't have a degenerate collective without the wayward genius of writer Alexander Trocchi being in the atmosphere in some shape or form. If you ain't familiar with this unique libertine of a man, I've got a piece on him on Alan Mcgee's new Poptones' website at so check 'im out! I'll get the literary endeavours of you guys in time, cos I got fingers in these sort of pies on this side of the pond, so keep up the good work. Not bad, not bloody bad at all.

Keep The Faith



I just wanted to be able to tell you how much I admire your stories, although sometimes the use of descriptive sexism is fluent thoughout your stories, I am a person that admires honesty, and you don't really leave anything out. Your stories turn me on, because I seem to like every little thing I read about you or that you have written and I likes it... You can write me back if you wanna or if you have the time it whould actually make my day, I am interested in what you have to say about stuff.


Kimberly Reed
(from Coupeville, Wa)


Hey - like your Space Cake story a lot. It seems you're a little TOO knowing about stashing drugs on trains!

Enjoyed reading 'Manwich' again too the other day - I don't think it's fair that you're sexy and talented AND funny. Good thing you're a fuck-up in other ways or you'd be intolerable.

Talk to you soon....


From: Alex <>
Subject: Fellow underground
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 10:18:16 +0800


Do you realize--what am I saying? Of course you realize how difficult it is to find yippies. I don't know if I'm even that. What the fuck; to hell with the identity crisis shit. I know who I am, I just have trouble labeling myself. Anyway, enough of that. I found your page on Abbie Hoffman, and read what you wrote. Bloody well intriguing and real fucking depressing if you ask me. But if you're anything like me, (I haven't looked at your site enough to know much about you), you know that the underground isn't six feet under. Perhaps it was, for a while, but slowly, new life is breathing into it. Here's the punch, if it's a punch at all. I'm fifteen, going on sixteen in may. There's a new generation, for you. Maybe Abbie was thirty years too soon? Fucking pity he's dead, if you ask me. I realize this is a tad crude, tough shit, sorry if I'm offending you, but I think it's quite difficult to offend anyone who devotes a page or more to Abbie Hoffman. Anyway, I'm looking to revive the revolution if it hasn't been already. Hell, I'm sitting here stewing until I'm 18. Listening to consumer radio, watching consumer television, reading consumer news. It's like suffocation. Maybe I'm thirty years too late. What the hell, I'll give it a shot. Email me if you give a fuck.


Username: aaron

Comments: Wow, I've been meaning to do this for a while. I love yr. site, it is by far my favorite site. My fanaticism borders occasionally on obsession. I would just like to say that I've been following this site for, what....about a year or so, maybe a little more and I love it even more everytime I show up here. I myself am a writer, and am touched by yr. prose. I recently read the V-Day story, and was moved. I was also recently in NYC and was recently dumped there, in all the same places, and ended up doing the same things. It was the perfect thing to read upon my un-triumphant return from the city that never sleeps -- and it's good to know that someone else got fucked up in NYC also. And to think.... I thought I was the only one. Humph. Anyway, the new look is good, and no matter who you get dumped by, just keep going and fuck 'em.


Username: junkman

Comments: what makes you so special? is it that you know how to turn on your mac? I say FUCK YOU! from all the REAL indie authors out there. your shit that you call lit. sucks. find a job or get published. stop boring us with this queer boy cock-sucking crap.

Username: lee

Comments: Im very impressed by the site. Theres no bull, the stories are just full on and told as it is. I only came accross the site by accident on google, well done. keep up the good work lee, ireland

Username: David

Comments: Great Site!!! With a stroke of faith I stumbled upon on a search :}. From a fellow writer, raver, dj and what some might call phreak, keep up the good work. David.


Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 03:42:32 EST
Subject: Fan Mail To:

Hey, I am luvin this web site. It's great. I especially like The Pizza Guy. I have it on my favorites. Will you tell me when you add more? Well it's late so I am going to bounce Just wanted to tell you how much I like your work.Bouncing^^^^^^^^0

Keep the PLUR and work like you dont need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like nobodys watching.

Username: Michael


Comments: This is the best web site I have ever been to although all the pictures of you guys in Europe totally depressed me. I want to see the world. Great website though. Good job.

Username: Padre Pablo


Comments: Your site has stimulated me to ask you a question I have been wanting to ask for a long time : namely, where can I find pictures (8 1/2" X 11", say) of Arthur Rimbaud, something that can be framed. I'd be so happy to know.

It would be wonderful if you had photos of him on your site. He's truly an extraordinary poet.


Padre Pablo

Username: Kates


Comments: this site is my absolute favorite site on the web. i read your stories and poetry religiously. im not sure what else to say other than thank you. keep up the good work. i love it. PLUR- *Kates*

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 12:15:02 EST
Subject: Thanks...

For the links and the kind words; they are appreciated.

Great site!



MessageType: Praise
Username: DWRII
CityState: Maryland, United States of America
MailList: yes
Refer: hallucination


Your pictures made me jealous you little bastard!! Apparently living the HIGH life. thx for the hicks audio. It went over real big in the office. Nothing shakes up investment bankers more than a little Hicks!!
Congrats on the site and all those babes in exotic places. Currently working on my own Once completed I'll be sure to post a link to your site. Once again thx for the laughs. & good luck continuing your zealous pursuit of hedonism.

From: "erika bettencourt" <>
To: <>
Subject: Awesome story!
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 19:44:27 -0700

Dear MC,
Name's Andrew.I was never interested in pulp fiction until I saw the Tarintino film, so I got curious. I tried and I read a few stories.
Then I read your story "Valentines Day" and it blew my mind! It is so awesome.

People my age normally don't read stuff like this, im only 14, but I have a question I have to ask you. I am hoping to be a director some day, for films, and currently I write short films, and I direct them with my little DV camera. I was wondering if it could be possible that you would let me make this into a movie, or base it on it. please email me at

Username: Brian

Comments: Hey everyone at Paxacidus. I have been nothing short of impressed with your website. I love how you don't censor anything in your writing and how you express the way you truly feel. I must say I agree with almost all views expressed here. Unfortunaly I live in the land of the FREE-....which is total
bullshit. Your writing helps me get through some of the senseless bullshit that the world throws at me.

Thank you for that. Keep up the good work, and the good drugs.

Username: Matthew Geddes
UserEmail: m_geddes@hotmail,.com
Comments: I'm on the bus man ! 90% on the quiz coz I didnae know Seattle. This is the site I've been looking for. Ginsberg & The Scream together at last ! Man what would
that have sounded like ? Fucking top ! Gonna be here every day and check out more stuff. Cheers. Matt

Username: Dave

Comments: As a forty-something, former acid / peyote / mushroom / mescaline gobbling alcoholic it was my first reaction to your site to shake my head and say "these guys are going to wake up one day and go: 'aww fuck I don't remember how I got nowhere so fast'" ... but then I had the clarity of mind to realize that if, in 1976 we'd had the web as a 'speakers corner', I'd have done the same thing. You are re-living my youth, but with lower quality acid, and higher quality women from what I've seen here. Keep it up .. but try to quit drinking once a year.

From : "Wouldn't You Like to know"
To :
Subject: Space Cake and Spoiled Children

I just read your short story on Paxacidus. What an awesome story!!! I felt like I was there....I think my pulse actually quickened. :-)


To: sloth@paxacidus
From Guillaume at
I love this page :)

Username: John Delahunt, from Downey, California
Date : Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 01:24:22

Comments: baaaaaaaaaahhh, you're all lambs. Pathetic fist fucking lambs. And homer-sexuals to boot.


Username: vida

UserEmail: ***

Comments: hi mcutcheon
i'v been dropping in on this site for a bit. i think its refreshing and inspiring, i agree with alot your ideas about hedonism. i too live on the hill, i'm a student here. i thought that "sex starts in the mind" was a really beautiful way of articulating your mood since sept 11. i've felt sort of meloncholy and just an eery awareness of death, even when i'm content and laughing or having sweet cuddly sex in a warm house on a cold day. i cant stop thinking about the reasons america generates so much hatred, and how none of us are really americans. i started to write something political and anti-patriot then i got paranoid about being put on some cia list. anyhow, i just wanted to say good show- your writing is improving and you so deserve to be published.



MessageType: Praise
Username: Pete
CityState: Seattle, WA


sssociety says, "fuck the bus!"
-fuck the bus-
-fuck the bus-
-fuck the bus-
someone gets smart and sticks a potato in the tail pipe...
-fuck the bus-
the potato pops out and knocks society on it's ass

i love what you do. i love what you stand for. freedom is a precious gift that nobody takes advantage of. fuck society and it's moral obbligations

Username: lj


Comments: yo, this is the perfect time to check out the site. where am i? dont worry yes i am still drunk. not paying much attention to your poetry, just to my fucking splitting headache that wont stop jesus christ i got to stop drinking

From: jill butler <>
Subject: let's fuck
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 15:22:52 -0800 (PST)

dear whomever you are. your site is hot and i want to
link it to all of mine and I want you to cum here and
be with us in TheDolphinDream. Please check out all
the wbesites Im building by myself since our "friend
"at Zeuqram Technologies, Dean Meyers who is putting
in all the e-rate systems for every school in America
with a 3 and one half billion dollar gov contract with
Ameritech in Chicago after they stole it from Clover
Technologies. Anyways the long and the short of it is
that I got on line and I am teaching myself all of
this and meeting amazing people like yourself.
Anyways its a community that joins in all ways... you
know the true Yoga, body mind and soul and I want you
to cum here and join me. Love Jill Please call me and
look at my profiles pages on yahoo and I've made a lot
of pages at geocities and homestead and msn is my
newest place but I can't tell you because Im too
stupid and I didnt know yet how to link them you get
the idea I hope Jill i am real really real Jill
Karlin Butler

Username: Pixie


Comments: "Pretty smart and pretty sexy" ??Goddamnit, I'm not on the bus cause I KNOW boys and girls are most fuckable between 25-35- that is if you're looking for more than a "Oops I did it again" 2 second scenario. So there.

And Washington DC is the devil, but not offered as an answer.

So now can I be on the bus? PUHLEASE???

If you say no, I'll have DJ Vegan my boyfriend come and kick yo' ass. And he knows where you live...uh,as soon as you get back from Europe you lucky SOB.

PS: We missed you at Robert's Birthday party- so you must come to our next big bash-ola at our new home, Creature Casa...

Cheers, namaste, ciao and other pretentious backpacker sign-offs.

Subject: [sweat on my hips]
From: "bloem" <>

hi again.

i reread a bunch of your poetry and short stories. i lOVE them. they are so raw and human. no bullshit; full of honest emotions. they are also incredibly sexy. i find it so strange to be aroused by someone who i have not met or touched or smelled. don't stop. keep up the great work. you were meant to do it.

message me.

love --

Username: ANDYM


Comments: Wow - I actually thought this site would be crap. I was searching on the net for short story sites and discovered this one. Believe me when I say that I LOVE "BURNTROOF OF MOUTH". I hardly ever manage to drag myself through an entire story on the net - hard on the eyes you know, but I was captivated by the pizza guy. Looking forward to the next installment!

Username: Rich

UserDream: Me and my unrequited love take a roadtrip together


CityCountry: Shittown, U$A. .... AKA Houston, Texas

MessageType: Praise

Comments: The Pizza Boy was great. Ch. 2 is my favorite. It's nice to see young people who are still devoted to art in this world.

Refer: Search Engine

ReferOther: Searching for Bill Hicks

Submit2: Submit to Pax Acidus

Username: Chris Wood

UserDream: writing writing writing


CityCountry: Manchester, England

MessageType: Suggestion

Comments: Love the site, esp. Bill Hicks on the bus. One of the guys who runs Sacred Cow (Hicks' production company), Chris Weigh, has a site. Some of my work is on it and I'd be delighted if you guys stopped by!

Cheers and keep those stoned smiles.

MessageType: Praise
Username: RJ
CityState: Elizabethtown, PA
SubjectOther: Chance
Leave_body_to: General Motors
submit: Submit Comments


Literary magic. Stumbling upon your website has done nothing more than enrich my trip here. You have taken the essence of freedom, sexuality, humanity, and culture and tossed it at me like a brick. Looking forward to more.

MessageType: Praise
Username: officer mahoney
MailList: yes
Refer: Link Page
Leave_body_to: medical science
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Remote Name:
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HTTP User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)


your page is better than doughnuts!!!!!

Username: Ally

Leave_body_to: rock and roll


You can think.
You made me think.
I agree with you
Thank you

MessageType: Praise
Username: james andrews
CityState: nyc ny bellyofthebeast

Fucking Bravo! I admire you. Read all the poetry and had a feast. Paxacidus is the reason the internet exists. There is hope, after all...Anyway, I decided to send you a poem of mine......


MessageType: Praise
Username: a tinker
CityState: limerick


your story sorry bore's me anliyising the pain is dffuicult, my only question is do you really give a fuck .

A,A is crap because whats real did not come out ,,,

yours sincerely

just an emil//////////

From: Jorge Cardoso <>
Subject: Sloth, Im from Rio...SoS? 

Hello, anyway I got 80% in the test. My name is Jorge, I'm a Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro. Short history (my English is quite raw, I learned it on the streets, sorry) - I grew up in Rio, near the slums. I spent time on the library and beach. Than I was in the university of philosophy that I didnt finish. I left Rio with a ruck sack, and I flew to Morocco. Than I moved to USA, Los Angeles start to work like a wash neep in La Jola. Than Iowa, the city that I learned English. Than I move to Iceland where I found beauty and love. Than my money over completely and I runaway to London. Portobello road, South Bar, more kitchen and Books time. Than I lost part of my finger and left London, Im a writer and I can not right in pain. I moved to Holland, Bruxels, Stockholm than I was deported in Calais north of France, because I said to a british imigration Fuck off, he laught and got my writings. Im in Rio now, in a kind of exile?, still without any money, but with hoppe, I love my baby. And I would like to give to you a part of my book called Libro de Las Magias Falsas. Try to find out, please, some one that speack portuguese, anyway if you show me interest I would like to try translate it for you.

thanks for the bus!

Uvas e Estrelas (Grapes and Stars)

Aquele que disse que te ama disse que amava antes quem?

Acaso - abecedário da vítima.

Tome suco, coma morango, leia –...mas escute o porco gritar.

A verdade é impossível.
A pálpebra é trêmula.
A nudez é gorda.
A igualdade é má.

O amor existe mas é raro. E de tanto buscar as coisas raras,... se cansa.

O trabalho das formigas que desesperam quando perseguidas.

Cover my back. -; não atira.

Vergéis Tranqüilos Campos minados.

O futuro ainda não Tem (...) Perturba tanto.

A gente não conhece um nem outro e O medo de falar morre no peito

....Uvas e estrelas....

Se o que te protege são os mares da ira,


"Os mansos herdarão a terra e se deitarão na abundância da paz" - Salmo 37:11

Tenho medo de não acreditar em Deus. Medo. Meu pico é o medo de Deus. Não sou responsável – porém o medo esvaece pela graça de Deus.

Procuro em livros...e nada. Então me deito esperando o sono chegar. O pai nosso é a oração mais forte.

eu que não te via agora te sinto

–doe órgãos.

Aquele que sonha com o distante Magoa quem o quer por perto.

..., se precisas ser estrangeiro - magoe.


Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 20:00:19 -0600 
From: andrew zahn <> 
To: Pax Acidus <> 
Subject: please take me off newsletter

your website quite frankly is juvenile at best and very offensive McCutcheon, if you would like to share your true thoughts, hopes and dreams. e-mail me! if this is an extension of the sum of your experiences at the age of 30, I will pray in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and by the power of the Holy Spirit you will see the bigger picture of who is really in control. Jesus loved you so much he died in your place and to prove it he rose from the dead. He's alive! Jesus Christ is alive!

In His Name,


From: "Lori Kosmatka" <>
Subject: new to your site, regarding poetry.
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 02:51:26 CST
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

hello there.. i stumbled across your site searching actually for a band called Pax (cooperative of Eco and X Marks the Pedwalk)over on yahoo...

anyways, very cool site you guys have here.. however, i am not much of a marathon-reader, i did read over the poetry section, and thought your stuff was pretty cool. in particular, "Blow Out the Candle Flame", "Hurt", "Inebriating...", "Kiss on the Bottom", and "Sister Mary". Heh.

I'm not gonna sit here and analyze it all, but, I will say I really got something out of the poems mentioned above. What did I get out of it? A sense of togetherness and loss, finding what matters, a life, a beauty so vibrant, pouring from flesh into mind into heart, the act of lovemaking IS love, as much as we let our hearts let it be. And it is a shame when things become complicated and when human beings become complex. Personally, as I feel I'm a complex person, I feel almost too disenchanted with exhausting my complexities on someone who would matter, then only add to my list... but there is always the hope of the "magical connection". it's strange to go about your life and have it happen when it's not expected. *smile* So in your groovy techno dancing seattle clubs, best of all wishes to finding that "heather graham" who looks you in the eyes and uncomplicates things. heh.

Also wondering, have you and Sloth ever listened to/read much of Leonard Cohen? He is by far my favorite lyricist/poet. He really goes to the extremities of human emotion, of unleashed, unrequited, and unashamed stories of love, lost, known. There is a compilation book out called _Stranger_Music_ which is almost like a bible to me... heh. If I were you guys, i'd so put him "On the Bus". *smirk*

grooving in the chicagoland area,


MessageType: Praise
Username: Eliza
CityState: Australia
MailList: yes
Refer: Search Engine
Leave_body_to: all of the above
Date: 2/5/00 Time: 7:32:16 PM

Comments: Please please please finish Soo La Sen , The Living Dead Don't Get a Holiday. This book is unbelievable , i NEED to know more, i NEED to know what happens . Please write the next book . Could you at least please email me and give me an idea of what is going to happen. Please keep writing!

MessageType: Praise
Username: Jannah Merson
CityState: Seattle, WA USA
Refer: Link Page
Leave_body_to: McCutcheon
Submit!: Submit Query
Date: 1/10/00
Time: 9:36:54 PM


Just thought that I would say hello to McCutcheon...I wish that I could meet you because I know if you met me...We would be very good at being bad.

MessageType: Praise 
Username: Arlene 
CityState: Dryden, NY US 
Leave_body_to: McCutcheon
Query Date: 12/23/99 Time: 4:07:24 AM 


McCutcheon~ I'm so fucked up right now but I decided that that would be the best way to write you.

I discovered your's and Sloth's web page last night. I was looking for something to read before I drifted off to sleep when I stumbled upon to your web page. Needless to say, I stayed up until 4:30 eastern standard time on no drugs what-so-ever because your page was so enticing that I could not fall asleep. I never realized before that there was other people on this Earth that felt the same way that I did. Thank you so much for not just understanding, but relating with me. You don't understand what a comfort it was to read your poems and short stories and realize that I wasn't the only God-awful person to feel emotions. I read the guest book. How does it feel to have people fall in love with you who have never even met you? I would love to know. Please write me back even though I am just an "American" Thank you!!!!

Your's Sincerely,

MessageType: Praise
Username: will
CityState: amorica
SubjectOther: a bus
Leave_body_to: medical science
Date: 11/12/99
Time: 8:55:11 PM

love the site.
looking at all the pictures and productive type exercises made me feel all blissy and bubbly and remember every amzing ecky experiance ive ever had, life is strange and beautiful i was giddy with some of the intelligentsia here, keep writing. i thought there was alot in 'candy necklace/i need' if you are ever in need of fun locations in nyc, lemme know...or just go to trilo, you'll do fine...heh

if you are ever in need of my 2-d verbiose rants, email me

if you are ever in need of good music, buy some old lou reed

MessageType: Praise
Username: David Lubich
CityState: UK
MailList: yes
Refer: Link Page
Date: 5/28/99
Time: 10:59:02 AM


Great zine. Thanks for the link to Dischord ezine: why not link to another of our articles, such as Just Do It or Cult Fictions, both of which relate to your view of things:


MessageType: Praise
Username: angi
CityState: rio, Wi (US)
MailList: yes
Refer: hallucination
Date: 9/25/99
Time: 6:08:59 PM


I found this site trippin one night with nothing better to do besides stare at my screen and trip balls

i wasn't really paying attention to where i was going or how i got there but i ended up here and loved it

hey sloth you're fuckin hot and whens the 2nd part of your book comming i wanna read it so bad it almost makes me wet.....keep everything up its great

hugs kisses and XTC


MessageType: Praise
Username: It Doesnt Suck
CityState: Canada
MailList: yes
Refer: Friend
Date: 9/22/99
Time: 6:41:57 PM


dear dirty whores,

I am Psyche.
I am located at
I am also a friend of Christie's et al the SFrangang....

i mentioned to Chris=tea that i have read several of your poems to my gang of friends, high and not high...they get... to say the least a fabulously HUGE response.

specfically druggy slutty girls and selling E....
those were the two i picked out... and have printed up to read to unsuspecting highmonkeys when the sketchiness sets in...i party in vancouver... and write as well..

trust me...keep it up, don't let the bastards grind you down... there is always ROOM for more intelligence in this world and you two were obviously granted with it...

in adoration and mutual prose respect,


MessageType: Problem
Username: Ryan Warren
CityState: long beach, ca. usa
Refer: Link Page
Date: 9/14/99
Time: 5:37:23 PM


You kids need to shut the hell up. you are pathetic nerds who try and be cool by fitting into the lame mtv dance party dj dum ass rave scene . your site sux and so does all your taste, there is a thing called originality, look up the word. I can see that you little faggots wouldn't know real art if it came up to you and pissed in your face.

Why don't you nancyboys go get some beads and tiedyes and go jack off together watching Eddie Veddar sucking on a puppets dick. Do your mommy's know that you are some kinda backpack wearin nerdy acid wanna be's? man, your stories are awful,your poetry sounds like 'some weepy coffee shop black turtle neck waring, im so weird;' horseshit! Fudgepackers. you should move to vegas and become showgirls. I bet your scrunched up little balls wont even post this. and u seem to
think bukowski was the only one allowed to write about booze and drugs, what a bunch of crap, you remind me of all the popular fit in high school nerds, who tried to turn cool after high school, well it aint working, shut this crappy site down and experience a little more in life before u post this garbage.

From: "Laura L" <> 
Subject: druggy slutty girls 
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 19:41:06 PDT 

I don't know how i got there but once i did, i stayed.
i have never stayed on a webpage for more than about 5 or 10 minutes but the moment i got to Pax Acidus, i was hooked, snared and lured in for more...

what i really liked, besides the lovely photos, of course, was your poem entitled "Druggy Slutty Girls"...i'm not going to analyze it and tell you what i liked about it because that's boring....what i'm going to do is (when a little more sober) read more of your stuff and i bet you anything, i will enjoy it as much as the poem. 

so that's that.

damn i feel stupid for writing to someone i have never met but there you go....that's life nowadays!

Laura the Brit


MessageType: Praise
Username: Karoleena Grunberg
CityState: Ithaca, NY,USA
Date: 9/8/99


I love you guys I REALLY REALLY love you guyz!!!!!!!!!!! 
I spent this summer roaming around Europe with friends and looking at your web page just brought back so many fucking great memories. Your music reviews and your writing totally inspired me.

I think because of you guyz I'm going to start writing again. THANX!!!!!!!!

(McCutcheon you're so fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

This page was definitely a great cure for my boredom.
E-mail me love ya.



From: "Vini Tankasali" <> 
Subject: Re: NT Guestbook 
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 05:10:30 -0700 

I checked out your site and just had to say that your writing is incredible. Honestly it's probably the first literature I've read on the web that I just couldn't stop reading. It is also the first material I have ever read that I can actually relate to. 

I live about 40 minutes from NYC, so your stories about going out in New York city (and all the cities you write about for that matter) are very similar to my experiences going out. 

I will be spending a lot of time reading all your stories in the next few weeks... I can't wait until I come back home after going out tonight and read (or attempt to read) some of your stories in and 'altered' state of mind.


Date: 13 Aug 1999 17:17:02 -0400 
To: <> 
Subject: Pax Acidus Feedback 
Message Type: Praise
CityState: none of your fucking business.
Refer: hallucination


I just finished reading Book One of The Living Dead Don't Get a Holiday. When I finished, I just kind of sat there for a minute, speechless. Sloth, you are an amazing writer. Your imagination and creativity are incredible, and the way you use words and phrases flips my fucking lid. My attention was held throughout the entire story, and trust me, that's an accomplishment! Mad respect to you for your work.

Can't wait to read #2. Peace out.



From: "Lewis, Adrian" <> 
To: "''" <> 
Subject: The Nark 
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:27:29 +0100 


I have just read your story The Nark on the web, and I am outraged. I am a 34 year old computer programmer from London, so we probably have widely different views on the world, but I think it is a terrible story of teen paranoia and drug alienation and should not be allowed on an open medium like the Web.

As an example of its detrimental effect, I give the example of myself, whereas two days ago I was happily residing in a free festival in the middle of England, now I am sitting in front of a computer in an office. In this fragile state I read your story and was subsequently given a bad case of the jitters thanks to the story's double-edged paranoia. 

Keep the faith


Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 13:03:45 -0700 (MST) 
From: Trevor William Sloan <> 
Subject: Re: hey 

please, man, i just needle you to keep your awareness heightened. 2 things i need from you now:

1. Give Nicole a smooch for me; my ventricles do a little flip when i see her pics on the site.

2. I disagree fundamentally with your Gates selection. How can you have that souless, megalomaniacal, weaselheaded demagogue degrading your bus, when you haven't even considered Sissy Hankshaw or her patron, Dr. Robbins.
Shame, shame, shame. 

Nice pick with Slick Willie, though.



Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 15:55:19 -0700 
From: everett true <> 
Subject: Re: spiritualized 

yo mc.

you won't convince me on spiritualized. they ran with the wrong crowd in the uk, know what i mean? their cover art sucked. their cover versions were ill-chosen. their past is tainted. now i come to think of it, i suspect that i haven't paid too much attention to their *music* as such, but...
hell. life is too dull. have to invent a few arbitrary lines, you know?

i have no knowledge of pop culture. i am the worst man with song titles and lyrics, names of musicians, etc. those things don't interest me - neither should they, except occasionally my lack of attention to detail means

i can't always recall something i would like to. the only knowledge i have comes through first-hand experience - and while i have some of that, granted, it amounts to nothing when placed next to, um, books.

a fast hipsters definition: people who pay over three bucks for a record. people who listen to dmx.

i'll go have a look at that website now, but don't expect me to stay for more than a couple of seconds.



Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 15:57:44 -0700 
From: everett <> 
Subject: Re: spiritualized 

all right. you've got me. if you wrote that review of fatboy slim, then i'm impressed. really.



Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 05:38:19 -0400 
From: Michael DeMutis <> 
Subject: Your writings 

Your stories are good. Very very good. I like them.
Finally a writer that can write about things I'm interested in. Drugs, sex, love, lack of love, loneliness, did I say drugs?




MessageType: Praise
Username: Matthew K Puvogel
CityState: Seattle, WA USA

Comments: Wow! I just stumbled upon your site, and really like what you have done! I view some of the images, read through a few of the stories, and do like your writing style. It was also a nice surprise to find that this is Seattle-based. I noticed in the Manwich incident (hello nightmare!!) that one of you works (or worked) for Amazon... are you still with us? Yeah... I am in CS, and have been here for just under a year... Take it easy... Matthew


Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 19:47:18 EDT 
Subject: Re: I made it on the Bus. 

Well, I did acid for the first time at 14, and have loved it ever since. I recently tried e, and I like it just as much. I am attempting to get my friends into raving, but it takes time. I suppose I have plenty of time now. I am 18, and my life is like a big canvas waiting to be filled. I want it to be a masterpiece. There are some raves in Baltimore, but they are thrown by redneck brats who don't play actual rave music. There is never any E, and Acid is very rare. They drink beer. Its like a high school party. (I am one of the girls who like to let people eat from their candy necklace while I wear it, by the way.)


Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 09:00:16 -0400 
From: (George Vakoutis) 
Subject: Re: Pax Acidus Newsletter #4 - Summer in Seattle 

Keep writing the stories - they're F@%king Awesome!


From:| Block address 
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 03:29:29 EDT 
Subject: Y2K ROCKS! 
Add Addresses 


Subject:A small greeting from Norway
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 10:24:02 PSTHello there!

I'm Hans from Norway and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your website. At last I found a drug-related website where everything doesn't evolve around drugs.

I especially liked your music and literature stuff.

Just one comment...

I noticed that you mentioned DJ Gilb-R in your music part.
He owns a label called Versatile records. I'm just wondering if
you have ever heard about I:Cube, a band from Versatile-
I'm listening to their album "Picnic Attack" right now,
and believe me- it is incredible. Of course you might
not agree, but if you haven't heard them yet, I challenge
you to listen to it. Especially a track called Disco Cubizm
is in my opinion one of the best dance tracks ever. :)

From:<>  |
Date:Sun, 16 Aug 1998 04:54:54 EDT
Subject:luv the storys

wow cant say any more

Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 16:35:59 EST
Subject: I need help
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I am a writer of underground lsd poems and i would like to make a book but have no idea where or how.if you could e-mail me back so that we could talk or just call me. my number is 970-353-4246 ask for curtis thanks so much.

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 00:33:38 EST
Subject: (no subject)
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could you please send me a picture of the cover of your album?
thank you.

To: "Pax Acidus" <>
Date:Fri, 08 Jan 1999 02:27:26 -0000
From: "Elizabeth Sullivan" <>
Subject: hey there
Organisation: HotBot Mail (

i hope you are naked right now. because i am.  i am imagining you rubbing your swollen cock all over my throbbing, erect nipples. thinking of you makes me spurt all over myself.  do you want to titty-fuck me? I want you to.  trust me, you won't regret it because i'm a 36D (for real).  i'm gonna make you love it.

anyway, that's what you get for saying you think my name is sexy.  you bad boy!

you're going to have to get a tiny bit more creative to grab my attention, sugar.

patiently awaiting your response,
Ms. Elizabeth H Sullivan

From: "Verschuren" <>  | Block address
To: <>
Subject:messaeg from the producer.
Date:Sun, 13 Sep 1998 16:18:15 +0200 Add Addresses

Dear Sirs, We are very surprised about your very beautiful poetic song about our candy necklaces. Our company Peco Suikerwerken in the netherlands is the original producer of the product Candy Necklaces.

Kind regards: Piet Verschuren,
General manager of Peco Suikerwerken B.V

Reply-to: "stefania murcha" <>
From: "stefania murcha" <> | Block address
To: <>
Subject: RE: whos on the bus
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 18:29:42 -0700
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I m sorry but the girls that you consider to " be on the bus " are there only for prepubesent boys wanking pleasure!!! Im sure there are many brilliant females that are into the techno revolution , please give them the time and effort. NB: DJ Heaven is not.
apart from that wicked site , Keep the underground real regards

From: | Block address
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 20:16:40 EST
Subject: I couldn't agree more!
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Bill Hicks was the greatest comic to ever walk this planet. An unrecognized genius who channge the way I looked at a lot of things. His death was a tragety but his thoughts and comedy will live on. I loved the site and thought I'd drop you a line. It's nice to know he finally found the spaceship that took him off this fuckin planet! :)

Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 15:18:51 EST
Subject: Dear Jackass

Do you always judge art by the people who like it?
How can the idot kids of today water down Bukowski's writting?
They have nothing to do with him, you pay too much attention to other people, and that tells me your a sheep just like the people you put down.

Next time you feel like displaying your ignorance publicly just shove your head up your ass in front of a crowed.
you know shit so eat it.

thank you
have a nice day

Paul Rubins

From: |
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 16:15:55 EST
Subject: Correct Your Spelling 

Brett's last name is spelled "Farve". I know. I watched him shine at USM for 4 years.

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 20:19:28 EST
Subject: extacy

how do you sleep at night knowing kids have access to this smut

MessageType: Praise
Username: Toya Fenroy
CityState: LaPlace,La. U.S.A.

I think that your short stories are really awesome. I never read any stories like that on the computer. And I just want to say keep up the good work. And don't forget to email me with some information and more of your cool stuff. Of course free of charge. Thanks!!!

Username: jessy valdez
CityState: monterrey, nuevo león, mexico

your page is pretty good....greetings from a mexican girl.....see u.....

Username: alicia
CityState: sweden Comments:
what is this sort of page anyway i wanted to see something about pulpficton but i got here why??????? well i dont understand something can you please mail me personaly please i feel a little bit dizzy but well

...........please mail me/alicia

MessageType: Praise
Username: keegan davenport
CityState: kent or seattle wash america Comments:

this is the dirty ol man from kent wash i love your site i just discovered it will be looking in now and then to see what you guys and girls are doing keep up the good fight praise and love from BLUE BUSS PRODUCTIONS OF SEATTLE

MessageType: Praise
Username: Neda Khonbani
CityState: San Jose, California USA Comments:

Hey this is a cool website I was on ravelinks and some dude was talking about u guys so I thought I should check it out.It's cool good job... On the website I would love 2 hear from u guys if u would e-mail me back. I just want 2 know more about u guys and I wanted to know more about ecstacy the drug..If u can get back 2 me and let me know that would be grreeaat.. Once again u guys did a awesome job and I give u mad love and props.. I would love 2 haer from ya..
Thankz Neda K.
California Raver Muah hugs and
kisses spread the plur.....

MessageType: Praise
Username: George Vakoutis
CityState: Boston, MA 02199

What's up? I was ROLLING through the numerous web sites that one can find while surfing on the web, and I came across the Pax Acidus site. I have to tell you that I am amazed at your short stories section. Although only some of the stories are true (which I hope all of them are), I find the experiences
that you write about very influential-I guess I have to go to Paris and check out the scene. Are there any copies of your book left-I'd like to take a ride through a few more of your trips.

MessageType: Praise
Username: Catharine
CityState: Cleveland, Ohio Comments:

Guys this is the greatest site, I don't even remember how I came upon you, but I am so thrilled. You really have some great stories, and reading them takes me back to some good times I've had, especially some of McCutcheon's stories and views, it kinda feels like a really freaky trip =) So, I just wanted to say hello, an tell you how much I love the site.Add more pictures and update!!!

Thank Goodness for CandyNecklaces, and Fiona (that girl will just say and do anything!)



MessageType: Praise
U Comments:sername: Om
CityState: Houston jU$t w@nt3d y0u guy$ t0 &n0w th@t y0u are da f00kin' BOMB. Y0ur $!t3 i$ fr3$h, @nd @ j0y t0 r3@d. My r00m@t3 @nd I $h@ll f0ll0w y0ur ex@mpl3 th!s w33k3nd @t @ Tr@nc3-R@ve h3r3 in H0u$ton! K33P X'ING!!!And as the wise Bill Hicks says, "Its just a ride..." GET ON THE FUCKING BUS PEOPLE!!!


P.S. I *WILL* meet you guys someday.