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Gallery 39

Pax Acidus in New York

McCutcheon is happy to see Sloth and Linda again.


There is much merriment with drinking and music.


Special Guest Star Appearances by the Pax Angel formerly known as Nabi Fantabulous.


The next morning we pop some codeine and head for Coney Island.


We get drunk again and have some fun shooting the freaks.


The restrooms are closed so we pee on the buildings.


Later that night Tom shows up and seduces Linda.


And that night we go out and get belligerently drunk some more.

Tom's best trick is being photogenic and looking sober.

The next day we celebrate with pizza, pills, and pilsner.


The Media is always meddling in the private lives of Pax Acidus.


McCutcheon spends the next three days lying in bed, drinking and taking pills.


"As McCutcheon Lays Dying", an update of the Faulkner classic.


Before heading back to Seattle, Sloth mocks McCutcheon's drug-fueled panic attack

© Pax Acidus