A Film Review by McCutcheon

Entropy is a raw look at relationships that don't work despite all the good intentions. The film portrays the laughs and tears and devolves into the emotions that cause happiness and pain.

Jake (Stephen Dorff-Blade) is working on his first feature film. In the boy meets girl vein of the romantic comedy, Stella a French Model from Paris played by the stunning Judith Godrche (The Disenchanted) surprisingly comes into his life. They meet and fall in love.

The young lovers life together starts out in passionate bliss, but soon goes awry with excessive drinking on skyscraper ledges, blow jobs on airplanes, abortions and shot gun marriages in Las Vegas.

Supported by a strong cast of Lauren Holly (Beautiful Girls) Kelly MacDonald (Trainspotting) and Bono as himself (er, U2) the film looks at how fame, beauty and wealth can't cover the void of true love. Entropy exposes films like Notting Hill for the fat housewife fantasy fluff they really are.

Curious side bar... 
Director Benot Jacquot has a great eye for beautiful young talent. His films La Fille Seule (A Single Girl) and Dsenchante (Disenchanted) star Virginie Ledoyen & Judith Godrche respectively who both starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in Man with the Iron Mask & The Beach. Leo is a bastard.