Austin Powers II:
The Comic Who Fucked Me

A Film Review by McCutcheon

Sequeldelic baby, yeah baby!

It's a sequel so what did you expect? It sucks.

Wayne's World- fresh funny and new.

Wayne's World Two- not.

All the humorous parts in Austin Powers- The Spy Who Shagged Me are holdovers from the last film. The new material isn't witty at all. Mostly midgets and dick jokes.

Too bad. A shame really.

Mike doesn't seem to be having any fun in this. He appears to be going through the motions. Fun is what it's supposed to be about. Who wants to go to a party where the host doesn't care? There is no amusement in that.

And Mike looks fat. Not just as the new character, Fat Bastard, who despite his girth isn't half the jocular Jock the Scottish dad in So I Married an Axe Murder was. But all his characters could use a little weight loss. Pudgy isn't sexy, baby.

And that is the problem. The facetious remarks that used to flow so freely have run dry. Our favorite Canadian is living off the fat of the land. Coasting on lardy laurels.

I didn't go to see this film for the laughs, though. I went to see Heather Graham. Dear Heather is looking very fit. Absolutely shagable. Worth the price of admission.

Heather is not the only beauty in this film. There is also the gorgeous Liz Hurely- who doesn't make it through the first five minutes. She is a femme bot and explodes. As beginnings go, it's about as droll as it sounds.

Also, Rebecca Romjin-Stamos plays herself during a Blow Up sequence. Getting all feline in black lace underwear. Meow!

So, even though this film isn't so sweet in the funny department, it is full of eye candy. A sugar shack of shag.

There is no questioning Myers' comic genius. And unlike Bill Clinton, Mike surrounds himself with beautiful women because he can. Someone with his talent and taste should have made a better film.

Too bad. A shame really.