Cures For Hangovers

by McCutcheon
'Work is the curse of the drinking class.' - Oscar Wilde
-20 mg of valium and go back to bed until tomorrow

-Find an ER tech and run 2 liters of lactated ringers through an IV. Lactated ringers are like Gatorade, but they go right into the blood stream. After ½ an hour you will feel great. No headache or nausea. Ready for that next drink.

-Sex. If you are male a blow job is even better. I can’t speak for the girls.

-Your football team wins.

-You get a phone call from your parents. They just called to say they love you, and that's it.

-You come into money. The lottery is not bad.

-Baileys Irish Cream, right out of the bottle.

-You find that someone special in the checkout line while waiting to buy Advil and orange juice.

-Stay drunk until you drink yourself to death.

-Don’t drink. Yeah right.
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