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Pax Acidus (1997-2007)

Pax Acidus

Pax Acidus was created by McCutcheon & The Sloth. The site showcases their creative works (stories, poetry, essays, & music mixes).

Pax Acidus features content from 1997 to 2007, although most of the content and work on the site was completed in the years 1997-2002.

Pax Acidus has received over a million unique visitors since 1997. We thank all those who have written us over the years and offered support.

95% of the content is by McCutcheon and The Sloth. The rest is by 'special guest stars' as noted throughout the site.

The graphical style of the site was donated by John Black (of Stiletto Magazine fame), who has since died of Leukemia. We love and misss you John. You went way too early.

Many additional graphics are 'borrowed' from unknown sources. If an image of yours is being used and you wish to receive credit or even have it removed, please contact us.

Two of our most active posters in the BB of BB, Marky and Tommy Martin, took their own lives in 2007 and 2009. We don't understand why, but we love you.

For better or worse, this site itself was created and maintained by The Sloth.

Press / Contact:

Pax Acidus really appreciates any emails, press, and links from other web sites. Contact us for details.

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