Pax Acidus (1997-2007)

The Sloth and McCutcheon High on a Seattle Rooftop


Pax Acidus was created by McCutcheon & The Sloth.

Although yanks by birth, the pair met in 1992 in Paris, France. They became fast friends while partying, traveling, and bonding over their love of music and literature. Eventually a collaboration of some sort was in order. This site, Pax Acidus, was that collaboration.

Pax Acidus showcases a selection of their works including: short stories, deejay mixes, poetry, novels, and philosophy.

The majority of this website site was created from 1997 to 2001 when the dynamic duo shared a rather squalid basement flat on Malden Ave on Capital Hill in Seattle, Washington. The building was later condemned and replaced with a soulless condo, but this web site remains and includes content from that period as well as various world travels from both before and after that "golden age".


We thank all those who have written us over the years and offered your appreciation and support. It was, and still is, greatly appreciated.


In 2000 we lost Tara, an Olympic-class swimmer, musician, and all-around amazing person. Maybe the most amazing person. Her van flipped on the highway and she was pronounced dead at the hospital. She was 20 years old.

Two of our most active posters in the Bulletin Board of Bad Behavior, Marky and Tommy Martin, took their own lives. We don't understand why, but we love you.

The graphical style of the site (the green and the black) was donated by John Black (of Stiletto Magazine fame), who has since died of Leukemia while only in his early 30's. We love and miss you John. You went way too early.

As William Joel once sang, only the good die young. Sloth lost his good friend and amazing music journalist Dafydd Goff to testicular cancer at age 35. Fuck you, cancer.