Cannabis Is Still Illegal

by DJL
Schoolkids smoking weed in class
February 26th 2004 marked the 10th anniversary of underground comic Bill Hicks passing. One of my favourite routines of his was where he asked the audience to put up their hands if they thought drugs had never done anything good for us. Before allowing the audience to react he would continue "Well, if you do then take all those great albums and tapes with all that amazing music that has enriched your lives and burn them. Coz, you know what? All those great musicians were..real fucking high on drugs."

What I want to look at is how drugs affect us positively. Lets start with Cannabis. From my own personal experience the main benefits of this drug are that it heightens your emotions and encourages creativity. It will open your mind up from its sleepy everyday slumber and force you to confront issues you otherwise would not. Weed is generally not as socially acceptable as alcohol but then it doesn't numb your senses or encourage stupidity like the would-be Class A weekend liquid. Unfortunately this probably won't change very quickly. I mean, come on - what would our leaders do if we started thinking for ourselves?

Acid and mushrooms will open your third eye for you. When I say this I mean that you gain an insight and knowledge which without ingesting these evolution-aiding substances you would not have. This insight and knowledge is already held within. These drugs will open up access to this previously unused part of the brain. With this divine wisdom we can visualise our destiny and make it our reality. Whatever you can perceive you can achieve.

Last but not least is Ecstasy. In pill or powdered form this drug will prove to you without doubt that a non-physical spiritual force really does exist - love. It will prove to you that really we are all the same, even our enemies. I have experienced a world where I have no enemies and where I'm not scared of anything whilst on this drug. It can exist.

Most of us are aware that excessive use of any drug (legal or illegal) is a dangerous game so I won't patronise you by telling you not to do that. I believe that drugs have been put here on this planet to speed up our evolution. Through the use of drugs I have had my mind opened up and stimulated. I have seen what our future could be and then realised it is a world and thought system based on love. I know many others who have had exactly the same experience. My parents always said you should try everything at least once and I'm glad that they did. Even the illegal ones, sorry mum + dad.
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