Candy Necklaces

by McCutcheon
Neck an Eckie
Candy neckalces are on the bus. Or rather people who wear candy necklaces and let you nibble on them.

Also people who give you cherry lollypops at clubs are nice folks.

i need
by McCutcheon

give me a cherry lollypop
i'll suck it and never stop
i need a blow job for my soul
to help me lose my ego

neck an ecky
lick my throat
until you give me a hicky
girl in the candy necklace
helped me lose my ego
for all my pleasure
i want her forever

neck an ecky
suck on my throat
until you give me a hickey
now the girl in the candy
i look at her every day
i trace the curve of her nose
i lick her sweet breasts and hips
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