Café in Paris

by McCutcheon
left bank
Paris café in the summertime
Wishing well feeling good
People walk by
City pace
Talking loud and walking fast

We sit like still life
Cigarette smoke billowing
Laughing laughing laughing
And listening to music

Dancing in the café
Sitting outside on the sidewalk
Coffee strong and black
On this warm night
The beer is cold
Holding it’s own and us up

Paris breeze flows
The smell of roses and wine and grime
Cars honk nearby
metro rubbles below

We draw little doodles
Cartoon characters
Who resemble the couples who pass us
Our past loves and lovers
Never forgotten
This is the place
For recollection, reflection

And we dream our own thoughts
And smoke and drink and listen
Laughing laughing laughing
Happy to be back
After being gone far too long
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