Beaufort Wasteland

by kitten
that guy
It was one day
When the sky was a very fragile eggshell blue
That we descended into the depths of the Beaufort wasteland
I drove through hell
And still haven’t found my way out

nothing but graveyards nothing but graveyards
we are all beyond help by now
you don’t have to worry cause I’m already gone

the sinking fires of god’s own Sun
flash and color my eyes til I could no longer see
I was blind and finally at peace
Ashes to ashes
Angeldust to dust
I wish I could lock myself in that house and die
When the sky caves in on me

The guns of silence explode in my head
my plane crashes screaming to the ground
I’m not sure who you’re trying to impress
But have no fear you’ve already made the worst impression on me
be quiet gunshots be quiet

if I gave you my head
whatever you wanted
would you save me from the ocean in Beaufort

your god is a violent god
praise be to thee O christ
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