Anna Kournikova

by Sloth
Anna's Butt
This page used to be full of pictures of Anna's ass. At first no one ever visited it. And then due to word of mouth people started coming in droves and soon it was the most popular page on the whole site.

Now just one picture remains. Anna is obviously one of nature's greatest specimens. It doesn't take more than one picture to prove that.

Over the past few years, stupid people have given Anna a lot of shit because she is the highest paid female sports sponsor despite lacking in trophies.


"Well she never won a singler tournament!" they whine.

They are, as they usually are, completely wrong. Anna has won plenty of doubles tournaments not to mention the Junior World's. And although she doesn't have the manish body nor the killer instinct of today's womens champions... I'd much rather she be great and hot than excellent and ugly.

Too bad she goes for hockey players and not writers.
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